Monday, July 16, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

After Mary got hit by a car we figured the worst was over, but nope. The guy who hit Mary gave us a ride back to Jackson, where he was camping. The population is 30 people, with no bike shops, but at least there were cabins for rent. We spent the night in one, where the same guy who hit Mary woke us up at midnight to see if we wanted to have some beers. It would have been nice if he were to offer us a ride to a bike shop, since we were planning on hitch hiking and he had a car. Instead, after we declined his invitation he said " don't worry, you should be fine hitch hiking here. I know in Oregon people carry knives, but we take care of each other here even if we accidentally hit you with our trucks."
For his sake, I'm hoping he was a little drunk.
We did end up meeting some great people headed to Butte, MT after three hours on the side of the road. They were a large family coming home from a camping trip. They loaded our bikes into their trailer, and we rode in a car into Butte with a man named Tom. He was very friendly, and we talked about Montana fishing and baby cows (his favorite). We ended up at his mothers house, where we waited for the others to meet us. An hour later someone came to the house to tell him the truck and trailer had rolled on the highway and were totaled. The driver had a broken leg, hip, and 4 ribs, and was being taken to the hospital. While the family met up outside, Mary and I sat on a couch inside wondering what we should do. Soon Tom's brother showed up with our stuff that he'd reloaded into his truck.
Tom gave us a ride to a sports store on his way to the hospital, where we unloaded our gear and learned that the store carried no bike parts. Then a hailstorm hit, and stores started closing because of flash flood warnings.
Our mom happens to have relatives in Butte, so she called her brother in law to see if he might be able to help. He told her that he fell down and broke his leg today and can't drive.
At this point we decided to drink some beer on the curb for a minute, then got a hotel. Apparently another bike store opens tomorrow, and we are hoping they have rims there. Well find out in the morning. It sounds like Tom's family is ok tonight. If all goes well we are planning on getting back on the road tomorrow. Tonight I'm planning on eating a bag of pretzels, taking some Benadryl and going to bed early in a queen sized bed.

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