Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ohh snap

Made it to pendleton at 4:45 today. We went 83 miles yesterday, and 75 today. That would be enough to make me feel more confident if it were not for the tailwind. There's been miles at a time where I did not have to pedal. I suppose Oregon is as ready to get rid of us as I am of it. Washington was home, Oregon is Oregon, but past that is an adventure.

A friend we just met at the brewery I'm writing from has just let me know that the only way out of here in the morning is a 7 mile summit of cabbage hill. The top of cabbage hill is 2,000 ft and we are at about 450ft right now. The highest point on the transamerica trail is in the rockies at 4,000 ft. That means we do half the Rockies in the morning. We were planning on an easy day into la grande to watch the fireworks. Now I can hear our new friend talking to his cyclist buddy in the next room about us, and his buddy's advice was to shoot our veins full of something before we attempt cabbage hill. Lord help me. I think it's time for another round.

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