Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cabbage hill

We had a few days of easy riding because of the tailwinds, and made up for it yesterday. The first ten miles we rode up Cabbage Hill, and got to a final elevation of 4100 ft. before descending into la grande. Mary bent her rim and I fell on some gravel, and we found one store along the way. It was closing, and accepting cash only. We had run out of water and were resorting to our last beers we found in our panniers. I found five dollars on me, and we were able to get some water and peanuts to last the second half of the ride. I was afraid of wildlife leaving for the trip, and so far we haven't gotten eaten by bears even a little bit. We did bike alongside some cattle in the road, and maybe I am a wimp, but it made me nervous. Especially the Bulls. We ended up sleeping behind an apartment complex. I am surprised that this stealth camping has worked so well so far. I keep expecting to get kicked out in the middle of the night. Today is another hot and beautiful day. The views along the route are amazing. It is wonderful to watch the terrain slowly changing. Today we are riding from la grande into baker city. We met a biker that said we should watch out for Rattlesnakes throughout Idaho. He said not to sleep next to the skin of the tent, and we should be fine. We're hoping he was a little crazy. I am excited to bike into another time zone.
- Beth

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